Bus Driver Needed

Castleford School District is in need of a bus route driver for the 2017-2018 school year.
For more information, contact Rick Rodgers at 208-308-1149.

Saying Farewell

Castleford’s three exchange students are preparing to return to their home countries this week. The three hail from different parts of Europe and all have had positive experiences in the United States. The three pictured from left to right are Aida Blazquez, Rasmus Dinesen, and Sunniva Henden.

Aida had this to say: “I’m going back to the Basque Country in Spain. I have two more years of school back there. I don’t know what I want to do yet, but it will be something related with kids for sure. Being here in the U.S. has been awesome. I never thought it would be so difficult to be far away from my family for that long, but I had amazing people helping me. I will never regret coming here because I learned a lot of stuff, including how to be by myself and how to be more mature. I never thought I would find myself in the tiny town of Castleford in the middle of nowhere, but there is no other place that would have made my experience here better. I can’t forget how thankful I am to my host family for taking me in their house and making me feel part of the family. It wouldn’t have been the same without a lot of great people, like Alexia my big/little sister, three amazing people that made my year here Sunniva, Alondra, and Liz. And of course Courtney. I’m going to miss all of them like crazy.”

Rasmus had this to say: “I’m going back to my hometown of Horne, Denmark. I have one more year of studying in Denmark, then in the fall of 2018, I’m coming back to study in the U.S. to study business/finance. My year here in America has been the greatest; therefore, I want to continue my studies here in the United States. Spending a school year In Castleford has had many ups and downs, but it has given me so much. Many things I will look back on with a smile. It’s hard to say goodbye to all the amazing people that have made this year so special, but I will see them again one day. I will always be thankful for how nice people have treated me. Thank you Castleford!”

Sunniva had this to say: “I’m heading back to Sotra, Norway, and I have one more year of school before I start university. I plan on studying something related to politics, maybe political science. My year here in the USA has been a roller coaster ride, and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Castleford is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, and it’s the greatest place I could have ended up. I would not have had this opportunity without my two host parents Brad and Tonya Draper, and for that I am forever grateful! This tiny high school would not have been the same without a great senior class, the two other exchange students Rasmus and Aida, and my two great friends Alondra and Liz!”

The students in Castleford benefited from the culture and knowledge that these three brought to the school. They will be missed by many.

2017-2018 Calendar

Coach Howard Wins Award

Track coach Marci Howard was named the Northside Conference Girls’ Track Coach of the Year.
“What an honor to be recognized by my peers! The girls made this year very special. Without them and my assistants, this would not have happened. When you have the senior leadership and coaching staff that we had, success was the only option. Thank you!”
Congratulations Marci!

Spring Awards Night

The Spring Awards ceremony will be tomorrow evening, Tuesday, May 23rd, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the gymnasium.

Third-Grade Students Reach AR Goals!

Some of Mrs. Puschel’s third-grade students reached their Accelerated Reader goals. They received a new book and got to attend an ice cream sundae party. They were pretty excited!
Back L to R: Asia Masters, Delko Martinez, Blaze Conner, Ana Rosa Alvarado, Deysi Hernandez
Front L to R: Wyatt Raney, Kyla Knudson, Caddy Tverdy, Gracie Gandolfo

OHV Safety Course Opportunity

Safe Kids Magic Valley partners with several local, state and federal agencies to present a free Off Highway Vehicle Safety class every June.  This class teaches children how to properly use and safely operate their ATV, UTV or dirt bike.  This course is free to all participants and there is no financial gain for Safe Kids or any of the other agencies involved.  This course is about education and prevention of injuries related to the use of OHV’s in the Magic Valley.  The class is geared toward younger children under the age of 16 but all ages are welcome to participate.  At the conclusion of this course, participants will receive a license to operate on public lands from Idaho State Department of Parks and Rec.

From a Wolf to a Chukar Partridge

Congratulations to Haddee Reynolds, who signed a letter of intent to play women’s basketball for Treasure Valley Community College Chukars!

District Track Results

Castleford competed in the district track meet and did well. Here are the results:

State Qualifiers:
Elly Machado – 1st 3200 and 800, 2nd 1600
Haddee Reynolds – 4th long jump, 3rd triple jump, 2nd 200
Lindsey Drinkall – 4th high jump, 4th 200
Courtney Poulson- 2nd 100 hurdles
Jade Etelu- 1st shot out
Girls medley – 2nd Elly, Haddee, Lindsey, Courtney
Benjen Lilly – 3rd 3200, 4th 800 and 1600
Shawn Poulson – 2nd 110 hurdles
Justin Silveira – 4th 300 hurdles
Boys medley – 2nd Shawn, Benjen, Justin and Michael Rich
The girls team took 2nd in districts!
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