Faculty and Staff

District Office: 208-537-6511
District Fax: 208-537-6855

Carrie March, Kindergarten

Johnnie Zimmers, First Grade
Becky Reynolds, Second Grade
Rachel Puschel, Third Grade
Sue Ambrose, Fourth Grade
Susan Pearson, Fifth Grade
Paulette Elsner, Sixth Grade
Chris Gallentine, Special Education
Tim Rohr, Special Education, Cross Country
Darrell Edson, Art Instructor
Jennifer Schoth, Music Instructor
Marci Howard, Physical Education Instructor
Elyse Pearlman, Title I Instructor
Dena Allred, Middle School Language Arts and Math Instructor
Troy Easterday, Secondary Science Instructor
Bonnie Mahannah, High School English and Business Education Instructor
Clint Evans, High School Social Studies/Vice-Principal
Elly Loman, High School Social Studies and English Instructor
Cynthia Black, High School Math and Spanish Instructor
Laurie Howard, High School Math Instructor and Athletic Director
Dan Billington, Agricultural Education and FFA Advisor
James Bostock, Counselor
Jeri Flores, Administrative Assistant
Mary Beth Welch, Paraprofessional
Verení Bokma, Paraprofessional
Kelli Clark, Paraprofessional
Amber DeKruyf, Tech Specialist
Oscar Flores, Maintenance Supervisor
Vicky Luper, Custodial Engineer
Steven Rodriguez, Custodial Engineer
Elaine Hape, Cafeteria Supervisor
Kim Aguirre, Cafeteria Attendant
Misty Garza, Cafeteria Attendant
Del Marie Koch, Cafeteria Attendant
Melanie Wagner, Cafeteria Attendant
Rick Rodgers, Bus Supervisor
Fernando Ourique, Bus Driver
Ernie Weatherly, Bus Driver

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