Scope & Sequences

Dena Allred:

7th Grade Literature, English, and Writing, Trimester 1

8th Grade Language, Trimester 1

Sue Ambrose:

Math Pacing Calendar

4th Grade, Trimester 1

Daniel Billington:

Intro to Ag Mechanics, Trimester 1

Intro to Livestock Industry, Trimester 1

Personal Skills Develop, Trimester 1

Small Engines, Trimester 1

Cynthia Black:

Algebra I 2016-2017

Algebra II 2016-2017

Pre Calculus Syllabus 2016-2017

Troy Easterday:

Anatomy, Trimester 1

Earth Science JH, Trimester 1

Life Science JH, Trimester 1

Physical Science, Trimester 1

Clint Evans:

Concurrent Political Science 101(Boise State University, Semester 1

Psychology, Semester 1

Social Studies 6th Grade, Semester 1

World Geography, Semester 1

Paulette Elsner:

6th Grade, Trimester 1

7th Grade Math, Trimester 1

Laurie Howard:

8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra, Trimester 1

Class Room Procedures

Algebra 1, Trimester 1

Personal Finance, Trimester 1

Marci Jenson-Howard:

Kindergarten-2nd, Trimester 2

3rd-6th PE, Trimester 2

Freshman Health, Trimester 1 Extra Credit Parent Slip

Fitness and Nutrition, Trimester 2

Fitness Goals

Elly Loman:

11th Grade English, Semester 1

12th Grade English, Semester 1

English 101 DC,  Semester 1

World History Syllabus (2016-2017), Semester 1

ENGL 175 Syllabus (2016-2017), Semester 1

CHS Senior Project Handbook 2016-2017

Bonnie Mahannah:

Accounting I, Trimester 1

Business Computer Applications I, Trimester 1

English 9A, Trimester 1

Carrie March:

Kindergarten Class, Trimester 1

Susan Pearson:

5th Grade, Trimester 1

Math Pacing Calendar

Rachel Puschel:

3rd Grade, Trimester 2

Becky Reynolds:

2nd Grade Math, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, and Writing

Jennifer Schoth:

2015-2016 Music Handbook

K-1st Grade Music

2nd Grade Music

3rd Grade Music

4th Grade Music

5th Grade Music

6th Grade Music

7-8 Band, Trimester 1

7-8 Band, Trimester 2

7-8 Band, Trimester 3

HS Speech

HS Drama

HS Choir, Trimester 3

Johnnie Zimmers:

Newsletter to Students and Parents, 1st Grade

Classroom Procedures


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