It’s Miller Time!

Q and A with Karla Miller, Castleford’s Newly Hired Teacher

Please provide some basic biographical information: where are you from? what college(s) did you attend? what other teaching positions have you held?

I grew up in Minnesota in the big cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I moved to California in my twenties, after I became a licensed practical nurse. I graduated from California State University with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and then completed their teacher certification program. I completed my master’s degree from the University of Idaho. I have taught in California, Alaska, and Idaho, and have spent three years as an elementary school principal. The most unusual place I taught was in the native village of Hooper Bay, where I had to fly in and out of by bush plane!

How do you feel about your move to Castleford?

I am so excited to be coming to Castleford. The collegiality of the school staff is drawing me there. I have heard such great things about Castleford educators and the Castleford community, and I have met such wonderful people there. I love working together with people who care about providing engaging and exciting experiences for students.

What courses will you be teaching?

I’ll be teaching English courses, including English Language Arts for 9th and 10th grades, creative writing, and journalism. I’ll also be teaching life science and art for 7th grade.  I am looking forward to facilitating a school newspaper that not only reports the exciting things going on at school, but also provides a publication platform highlighting student-driven news-writing and creative writing.

What are some of your hobbies?

Music is a big part of my life. A beautiful ballad feeds my soul. I love all kinds of music (especially indie, rock, and folk) and I go to as many concerts as I can to hear my favorite artists live. (Last fall I got to see the Rolling Stones!) I also refinish furniture, do a lot of sewing, and write in my spare time.

What other interesting things about yourself will you share?

I’m into exotic pets. I’m a bird lover and love my hookbills. Sammy is my umbrella cockatoo. He loves to dance. (If you haven’t seen parrots dance, check it out on YouTube). I also have Daisy May, my blue-fronted Amazon parrot. She loves to imitate sounds that she hears. And then, of course, there is Sophie, my box turtle. She’s having a good day when she gets a lively angleworm. I’d tell you about Callie, my puppy, but she’s not exotic. I love her just the same, though!

Welcome, Karla, to the Castleford School and community!  

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