Junior High Track

The junior high season ended April 25th with the Conference Championships in Gooding.
The boys’ team took 5th and the girls’ team took 2nd place.
Zailee Poulson was awarded the Most Points Scored for Girls.
100 hurdles Zailee Poulson 1st and Luke Kaes 5th
100m – Zailee Poulson 2nd, Evalyn Drown 5th, Shalece Salazar 6th
200 – Devry James 3rd, Aubrey Mahannah 4th, Martha Maya 5th
400 – Anna Machado 6th, Santiago Alvarado 4th
800 – Anna Machado 6th, Nickolas Aguirre 4th
1600 – Anna Machado 3rd, Gabe Mahlnah 4th
4×200 – 3rd (A Mahannah, A Tverdy, J Zimmers, J Zimmers) 4th (Z Schilder, P Alvarado, E Taylor, D Beltran)
4×100 – 2nd (M Maya, D James, Z Mitton, S Salazar) 4th (Z Schilder, P Alvarado, S Alvarado, L Kaes)
Medley – 2nd (S Salazar, M Maya, A Mahannah, A Machado) 5th (Z Schilder, S Alvarado, N Aguirre, L Kaes)
Triple Jump – Shalece Salazar 1st
Long jump – Zailee Poulson 1st, Jamie Zimmers 5th
High jump – Zailee Poulson 1st
Discus – Annie Tverdy 2nd, Jamie Zimmers 6th, Joey Martinez 6th
Shot put – Claira Darrow 6th

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